How to create a new marijuana plant

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How to create a new marijuana plant

How can exist so many varieties of marijuana? How are these refined with auto-flowering genetics with brilliant qualities and perfect fragrances strains created?

Create your own cannabis strain 


Whether you are an expert cultivator or a sporadic consumer, you would probably have had these questions several times:

How can exist so many varieties of marijuana? How are these refined with auto-flowering genetics with brilliant qualities and perfect fragrances strains created?

The answer is really simple; there is a judge work behind each marijuana variety done by I+D laboratories of the most pointers cannabis bank seeds.

A lot of hours cultivating marijuana plants and rehearsals with different genetics, to offer the most varied that exist in the market nowadays.

The following question that appears in our head is:


How is a new marijuana variety created?

The truth is that the techniques that are used to create new varieties are not really difficult. We need a lot of patience, some theory and a great care.

A continuation we will explain you in a summarized way, in which consists on the process of the creation of a new cannabis variety.   

We show you how to create a marijuana variety from 0, and… Who knows? … Your creation could probably be the winner of the next 2015 Cannabis Cup. 

Process of the new variety marijuana creation.  


In order to get new marijuana genetic, like the rest of the plants, you have to know the basic rules of Mendel genetics and wait approximately 4 generations.

Before starting, we recommend you to plan the space and the time that you will employ, and to study a little bit the steps that we will provide you later.


As you know, the marijuana plants are dioecious; it means that they separate in males and females. This makes possible that its genetic will be stronger and developed.

In this way we find that we can find pollen in the males and carpel in the female.

Both parts of the plant possess determinant features in a genetic way, and these are those which will determine the final result according to its mixture.

Selection process of the Mother and Father plants:  

To select the plants to mix is important to look for a genetic disparity between the male and the female plants.

When the differences and features are bigger, we will obtain a better result. 

You should have into account, as Mendel studied, that all the DNA genes have two copies, one proceeding from our father and the other proceeding from our mother.

The expression of these genes is the phenotype and will depend on the interpretation of these copies.

Then, the mixed plants can be of two types:  

  • heterozygous (Aa): DNA copies are different.
  • homozygous; (AA) DNA copies are equal.

To obtain a new marijuana variety we have to mix plants to get heterozygous plants, to mix them inwardly to stabilize the new genetic.

Broadly, is to observe the characteristics of your crosses until stabilizing a variety.

Select your genes:


You can select any of the varieties that are found in the market, by its aroma, capacity of production, size or simply because you like it.

However, bear in mind that if you select an auto flowering plant and another without this gen, you have less probability that your new variety would be auto than if both were auto.



A continuation we detail you some common “desirable” features in order to do a good selection of your male and female plants.

  • The plant vigour
  • The plagues resistance; mold, mildew, red spider
  • The plant size
  • The maturation period
  • The power consumption
  • The resin content
  • The ratio of flowers for each leave
  • The size of the buds
  • The quality in its consumption: long duration of the buzz, sedative qualities, relaxing, medicinal …
  • Taste
  • Aroma


Once you have selected your Father and Mother variety, you can start the breeding process and the creation of the new genetic.

There exist a lot of ways to generate a new variety, we have chosen the simplest one, but we encourage you to make your contributions.

The breeding of a new marijuana variety in 10 simple steps.


Step one: choose a Male plant with desirable features.

There is a trick that consists on rubbing the stem with the finger; if the plant smells like resin and is spicy it could be a good candidate.

Step two: Keep a branch of the selected Male and separate the model from the female plants to avoid possible accidental pollinations.  

Step three: When the pollen pods are open, put a paper bag on one branch to collect the pollen.

Keep the bag tied to the branch during several days to collect all the possible pollen.

Step four: When you consider that you have collected enough pollen, move away the bag.

If you have too much pollen, you can keep it in the freezer during months.

In this moment of the process you have worked with the male, henceforth you will work with the selected female.

Step five: Observe the female plants; you should start this process after 3 o 4 weeks after the apparition of the first pistils.

The pistils should be white, ready to be fertilized, if so, cover the female selected branch with the bag full of pollen and shake the bag.

NOTE: One alternative method is to use a small brush to apply the pollen of the bag on the pistils.

Step six: Leave the bag during two or three days, to ensure the fertilization.

You have proceeded to the mix of two Male and Female varieties.

Step seven: After the fertilization, the seeds will be mature in 3-6 weeks.

Step eight: Even though at the beginning once the seeds appear you can plant again, we recommend you to leave them to get dry and to keep them in a fresh place during 2 months.

Thus, you will increase the flowering percentage.

Step nine: Proceed to germinate the new seeds and observe the features of the new plants, the aroma, the size and the production.

Step ten: Voi-là! You have created your new marijuana seed. Now you have to clone the cuttings and plant it again to ensure the stabilization of this new genetic.

Stabilization: Set your genetic variety

Once you have created your new marijuana variety you should ensure that all the future copies that descend from your new variety keep the same features that the predecessors.

This process is called Stabilization, and consists on keeping the elected genetic of the fathers and sons with the security that the descendants will have the same qualities of their parents.

How to get the fixation of one new marijuana variety?

As we have said before, the interesting for the fixation of a new variety is to get that the obtained genetic becomes Heterozygous (Aa): the copies of the DNA are different, to Homozygous; (AA) the copies of the DNA are equal.

For it, once we have obtained the plant we will have to resort to the inbreeding.

As you know, the inbreeding consists on mixing individual of the same species and with the same genetic features, so fathers with sons, sisters with brothers.

With the inbreeding process a pure race is fixed.


However, you should have into account that from the 4th to the 6th generation of the inbreeding, the features of the plant in a genetic way tend to be negative, low power quality, and they start to have a missing of vigour. 


For this reason, we recommend you to make cuttings to ensure that your variety follows an evolutionary process, instead of mixing plants between individuals of the same species.

Observing the features of the new plants that grow up from the cuttings, so, cloning the mother plants, you will ensure the fixation of your new variety.

The seeds that you extract from the 5th or 6th generation of the cloned plants are equal to the original mother plant and they will be a new stable genetic variety.

Some extra advices:


  • To be a good breeder you must have a good experience as a cannabis cultivator.
  • Remember that the environmental conditions, the light intensity, the UV and the solar exposition, could modify the genetic of your varieties.


We hope to receive a sample of your new genetic variety.

Good luck. 

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