T-shirts with Bulk seeds old school strains
  • Creado por : 25.01.2015

We are happy to introduce you a new T-Shirt collection

How to create a new marijuana plant
  • Creado por : 18.11.2014

How can exist so many varieties of marijuana? How are these refined with auto-flowering genetics with brilliant qualities and perfect fragrances strains created?

Create your own feminized marijuana seeds
  • Creado por : 26.09.2014

The cannabis plant is dioecious, that is to say that is a plant that produces masculine or feminine marijuana plants.

How to produce marijuana seeds?
  • Creado por : 23.09.2014

However, if you want to conserve the essence of the plant that has produced the best heart in the last harvest, we recommend you to produce your own marijuana seeds.

Bulk Seeds t-shirt
  • Creado por : 25.06.2014

Good news for all fans and customers of Bulk Seeds. In our store you can buy a t-shirt with Bulk Seeds logo

New strains
  • Creado por : 02.10.2013

This autumn we will present 2 absolute hits, Pineapple Chunk and L.S.D.

10fem packing
  • Creado por : 29.09.2013

New more profitable and convenient for retail customers 10fem packing

New packaging design
  • Creado por : 22.07.2013

Please pay your attention! We're introducing our new packeging design.

Gift seeds
  • Creado por : 20.03.2012

Place an order and receive one more package of 2fem as a gift. According to your wish

Please Welcome: 2 Autoflowers Have Been Added To The Bulk Product Choice.
  • Creado por : 12.03.2012

Please welcome: 2 autoflowers have been added to the Bulk product choice: Auto White Widow, automatic version of the famous White Widow.

We Are Open
  • Creado por : 01.03.2012

We are delighted to inform you that you can now purchase your favourite seeds in the updated online store