Create your own feminized marijuana seeds

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Create your own feminized marijuana seeds

The cannabis plant is dioecious, that is to say that is a plant that produces masculine or feminine marijuana plants.

How to obtain feminized seeds?

The cannabis plant is dioecious, that is to say that is a plant that produces masculine or feminine marijuana plants.

Is really important to separate the male and the female plants from the beginning of the harvest to obtain a good harvest.

How to recognize if it is a male or a female?

The male plants are higher than the females and contain pods that are similar to flowers which in the interior we can find the responsible to pollinate the flowers, the anthers.

In general, the females are darker and shorter with a chubby aspect, and are easy to recognize because they are covered by hairs that tower over the bracteoles.

As all the vegetal and animal kingdom there is a need of male and female plants to ensure the pollination and the perpetuation of the species of marijuana.

Thanks to the evolution and as a method to survive the marijuana  can change the sex in the middle of its growth, and become *hermaphroditic* to assure its propagation.

This sexological variability is very useful to assure the life of the specie…but it can become the worst nightmare of the marijuana cultivators.

Why to obtain feminized marijuana seeds?

To cultivate marijuana for the own consumption is more effective to harvest plants that come from feminized seeds to assure that all the breeding process will have as a result plants that produce hearts that can be consumed.

These plants will be feminine

Nowadays there are several cannabis bank seeds  specialized in feminized seeds to assure a 100% of productivity of the plant.

The feminized seeds are seeds that through a natural phenomenon or an induced chemical process develop feminine plants that will produce hearts.

How to obtain feminized seeds?

The process to obtain feminized seeds consist on induce a feminine plant to produce masculine flowers because then we can use the pollen to pollinate herself. This process of *auto-pollination* assures the production of 100% feminine seeds.

We show you the genetic information:

  • Masculine XY genotype and feminine XX genotype= (XX, XX, XY, XY) in this case the 50% of the descendants are masculine and the other 50% are feminine.
  • Feminine XXx genotype and feminine XX genotype= (XX, XX, XX, XX) in this case the 100% of the descendants are feminine.

Some studies show that there are factors that influence with the sex of the plant:

Cannabis female plant like…

  • More quantity of nitrogen and less potassium
  • A lot of humidity
  • A little increase of the temperature
  • A minimum space of 40 cm between the plants
  • A light with blue spectrum
  • The shorter days

If you alter these factors during the following weeks of the apparition of the third pair of leaves you can obtain more female plants.

The feminization process step by step:

Select a 100% feminine exemplary

To get feminized seeds we need a “pure female”

To select a pure female, we have to sow several seeds and produce them stress in order to verify their sex.

To select the *pure female* we recommend to create an alteration of their photoperiod.

Expound your plant to:

  • 3 weeks at 18 hours of light
  • 3 weeks at 12 hours of light
  • 5 days at 24 hours of light
  • 2 days in the darkness

You can repeat the cycle until you are sure of the sex of your plants.

Some expert cultivators assure to have been several months until find a pure female.

In these conditions the cannabis plants show their hermaphroditic, and is really probable that some plants become feminine. These will be the pure females, that don’t have any masculine gene in its genetic. 

In unfavorable conditions the seeds that tend to be hermaphroditic will show these features and those feminine will survive against the stress.

Mix a pure female with herself

To obtain a 100% feminized plant we are going to mix it with its own genetic.

In the part of the process we need that the female produce pollen to impregnate their own flowers. 

There are a lot of ways to get it, some are dangerous because they use chemical products that can be toxic, and we explain you the ways that we recommend.

Methods to stress the plants to generate male flowers.

1 Rodelization

This method is based in a process that the plants create in a natural way to assure the propagation.

If a feminine plant has not being impregnated and is at the verge of ending its vital cycle, it will generate male flowers with pollen that is useful to auto pollinate and assure the perpetuation of the specie.

This technic is a little bit complex because it depends of the variety of marijuana that is cultivated and of the skills of the cultivators during the conservation of the pollen. 


2 Light poisoning

The “light poisoning” is one of the first used methods, it consists in apply a “reign of terror” to a feminine plant where is subdued to interruptions and irregular illumination during the light cycle.

With this we get a hormonal imbalance that makes that the plant generate male flowers and segregate pollen.


3 Silver thiosulfate

To make plant Thiosulphate we need to create two solutions:

  • Solution A: mix 0.1g of silver nitrate in 100ml of filtered water and stir until the content is dissolved 
  • Solution B: mix 0.5 g of sodium Tiosulphate in 100 ml of filtered water and stir until the content is totally dissolved.
  • Pour the solution A inside the solution B and dilute it with filtered water with 1:9 proportion.

This proportion is equal to the pouring the mix of 200ml of the A/B solution in a bottle of 2 liters and finishing filling the bottle with filtered water.

With this solution you should bathe the plant in the top, in the bottom of the leaves and above the steams. 

Subdue the treated plants to the cycle of 12 hours to the blooming.

After 2 or 3 weeks you will be able to observe the first masculine flowers.

Is a toxic method, it means that after getting the hearts you will have to remove the treated plants. 

4 Gibberellic acid 

You can use this acid, pulverizing it in the plant and you will get male flowers. 

In theory with 100ppm pulverized in the plants during 5 consecutive days, will be enough.

5 Coloidal silver

In this process colloidal silver is used in a concentration of 30ppm.

You should atomize or bathe the elected feminine plant during 10-12 consecutive days, and after you have to start the change of the light cycle to 12 hours.

In two or three weeks you can get spectacular results.

It is the most complex method to realize but is less toxic and less invasive for the plant.

Do you dare to create your own feminized marijuana seeds?

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