How to produce marijuana seeds?

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How to produce marijuana seeds?

However, if you want to conserve the essence of the plant that has produced the best heart in the last harvest, we recommend you to produce your own marijuana seeds.

Collect seeds of your favorite cannabis plants.

Is probable that if you have been successful in your harvest you want to repeat the harvest for the next season.

There exist several bank seeds that sell cannabis seeds that give the most exotic and the best news of the market.

However, if you want to conserve the essence of the plant that has produced the best heart in the last harvest, we recommend you to produce your own marijuana seeds

Collect them

You can start a collection with the best marijuana plants and catalog the specimens depending your pleasure of the marijuana consumption.

Who knows, with the time and your cares, you can achieve the variety that you had and then you can present in the cannabic trophy.

How to produce your own seeds?

Select the best ancestors

If you want to keep the genetic information of the chosen marijuana variety, you should choose the best male and female plants of your harvest.

To guarantee that in the future these varieties will be strong, we recommend that the elected plants would have the following properties:

Look for between your plants those which are more resistant and robust.

Pay attention with the plants which show:

  • Fast germination
  • Abundant rooting
  • The best resistance against plagues
  • Better answer to the light exposition
  • Fast and abundant blooming of males and females

In the case of the females, high levels of resins and compact

Choose hybrid varieties

You should have into account that if you mix a pure variety, after some time, is probable that it weakens and you need to mix with another variety to ensure an evolution. If you don’t do this, it will degenerate and will produce a poor harvest.

Is better to elect hybrid varieties to create your own seeds.

Look for the males

To the contrary that happens when you want to produce marijuana hearts for the own consumption, if you want to perpetuate the cannabis kind, you should look for males.

Have into account that the male plants, always come from marijuana seeds, not form the cuttings.

Choose regular seeds to generate the parents

We recommend you to plant some seeds in a jardiniere; with 20 or 30 seeds you can do a good job.

To cultivate males

Plant the seeds with not much space between them and then it will guarantee that you won’t have almost any female.

Don’t water so much the plants and don’t exceed with the fertilizer.

If you use not so much substratum, you will also create an environment for the production of males.

When they start to bloom remove the females and the hermaphroditic, and be sure that he males are strong and robust.

To cultivate females

In another jardiniere you can plant feminized seeds.

You can also plant regular seeds but you can obtain more males than females.

You can follow these advices to get more females:

Give more space between the seeds.

Be generous with the substratum, and water them with frequency.

The result: the Mother and the Father.

Once you have the *mother and the father* ready allow them to mature until their blooming.

In this point of the process you can intervene or leave that the nature makes its pollination work, through the wind, the bees or with some help:

Shake the male marijuana plants on the females in order to the pollen falls down.

If you want seeds in a secure way

We recommend you to pollinate the plants yourself to guarantee a good seeds production.

How to make the pollination process?

There are several ways to pollinate the marijuana plants.

1. The traditional pollination process

Once you have selected the male plants that you want to be the parents, you should prune them.

The expert cultivators recommend pruning until there are only 2 branches.

You should wait until the flowers are in the verge to mature, when this happens, you should cover them with sheer paper, like cellophane.

It should be a paper, don’t use a plastic if not you can lose the pollen.

In the blooming moment you can observe how the pollen has hooked in the paper.

This is the pollen that you have to take with a brush and distribute on the selected mother plants.

In some time you will see how your mother pollinized plants fill with hemp seed full of seeds.

If you don’t have a lot of space you can use one same mother plant to produce hearts and to generate seeds.

Pollinate the low branches of the mother plant and allow that the superior ones follow its normal production process.

2. The technic of the cuttings to get the seeds

If you have planted female plants through the use of cuttings, you will observe that all the branches have flowers.

If you pollinate these flowers, the plant will give seeds at the same moment that will follow its normal growth cycle.

3. The fast technic to take the seeds

There is a fast technic to produce marijuana seeds for impatient cultivators.

  1. When you obtain a male in your harvest keep some branches of it.
  2. At the end of the female blooming, cut the branches of a heart with a 45 º angle.
  3. Open the male flowers and remove the pollen in a glass with filtered water inside.
  4. Put the branch of the heart in this water without wetting the fruit and leave them in the darkness.

In some days you will see that the bunch is full of seeds.

Remember that the marijuana that you remove from the hearts that have created seeds can be also consumed.

This production has low levels of THC since the plant has made efforts to create seeds, but you can also consume them.

Once you have localized the seeds, leave the flowers to mature, but don’t wait too much to pick them up because you can lose them.

Is better that you cut the shoots and leave them to dry.

You should wait a minimum of 2 months to plant these cannabis seeds.

Be careful with their storage:

  • Keep the seeds in a fresh, dry and dark place. The expert cultivators recommend making it in the fridge between 9 and 11 degrees.
  • Remove the leaves and the vegetal material of the seed, and precede them by a sieve to select them.
  • Put the seeds in a compact and closed recipient and note its origin information, strain and some features of the production to remember in a future.
  • You can keep your seeds 2 years; if you conserve them properly they can last until years.


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