Auto Afghan

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: mostly indica
Genetics: Afghan x Ruderalis
Flowering : 60 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Low
THC: High
CBD: High
Autoflowering: Yes
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10 fem
20 fem
50 fem
500 fem
1000 fem
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The name of this strain is occurred from Afghanistan area and for sure it is widely considered for you as some of the world’s oldest and strongest genetics of cannabis. Our Auto Afghan is not less strong and famous.

From our seeds you can get two phenotypes. One of the plants will be more chunky and dense, with short branches, covered with medium size buds. Shade of the buds will be more colour - dark green with purple-pink splotches. The second plant will be more elongated, not much, but above, the branches will be more rare and elongated, and the density of buds is not so frequent. Color of the buds is dark green.

Both phenotypes will be covered with white crystals containing more than 20% THC! Auto Afghans smell is intense, many growers have noted its similarity with the sour smell of rotting wood. The smoke is smooth, with a slight sourness and bitterness on the exhale. Effect is not extremely couch-locking but is very close to it. Its clear stone with numbness, some tremor in a hands and the highest level of relaxing.

Yield was not bad - 80gr per plant,high is really enormous,very indica typically,only the taste and smell I personally find unpalatable. However, there is a individual expression. Steckies from FF
So my final grow with this strain is now well over 2 weeks ago. And now comes again to a detailed report. O bought 10 seeds, so I germinated all and took 7L pots with Canna Terra Professional Plus earth. The strain takes almost no fertilizer when the soil which is used well to fertilized. I have during the vega, in which the plants up to 45cm were only slightly (ec 0.8) are fertilized. The straib is developed, on average, many side branches during the bloom must be backed up, because if the first ordinary nuggs have formed they tend to turn and we don't want the good shoots break... After seven weeks are shiny, thick nuggets in the closet which is why good ventilation must be ensured.8.5 weeks were my plants ready for harvest. 4 days, dried, manikuring and down into the air tight glass. The yield was 0.6 g per W Ferment you should at least 2 weeks if not even 3 weeks, only then will you have the taste and the irkung can savor. The taste is reminiscent of sweet, fruity incense ;) The effect can be nice relaxed for the evening.PeAcE
Incredible smell and taste. Smelled extremely tangerine, orange. So strong, some friends became too much:-) Had both phenos and all were undemanding.

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