Auto Caramel

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: mostly indica
Genetics: Afghani x White Rhino x Ruderalis
Flowering : 56 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Medium
THC: High
CBD: High
Autoflowering: Yes
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If you are looking for a autoflowering strain, which by its medical values can be compared with the most valuable strains, then youve found it - Auto Cream. For We crossed a traditional landrace Afghani with White Rhino and Ruderalis. As well known, Afghani genetics and White Rhino strain are among the most widely famous for their medical properties. Auto Cream grows short and bushy, dark green thick leaves framed with candied trichomes, overcrowded THC, buds. The swelling of the buds during the entire period of flowering, during which will disperse warm creamy caramel smell, is fascinatingly beautiful. This indica hybrid with extreme potential in a medical directions. The list of diseases and ailments against which can be used this strain is very long, here are some of them: PMS, Cancer, Migraines, Anxiety, Alzheimers, Glaucoma. Also it helps to overcome easier severe consequences for the body therapies such as chemotherapy The effect is a classic body stone.

an absolutely recommendable strain - specifically for medical use!
Excellent medical strain, with really very pleasant physical effect. The head remains free, the mind is relaxed and you can very well switch off from the daily stress. More evening appropriate because it is not so fast to get up would like if the White Rhino first started body and mind to relax. The taste is on the exhale, imho, rather than fresh and slightly minty to classify. The scent and flavor are delicious and very "intense sweet". The effect sets in rather quickly within a few minutes, and lasts approximately (depending on dosage) for 2-3 hours. The high builds slowly and comes in several waves so that from time to time physically intense. With a cycle time of 62 days (milky trichomes), so you shouldnt expect too long.EC values on hydro with reverse osmosis water were in the prime of max. 1.9 (PH 5.6), everything was about fact, you no longer good. So be careful with the fertilizers, necessarily much tolerate this strain is not... The growth itself has surprised me, because here only small compact pheno cited were. The stretch hardly wanted to end (!!), and the ladies were at the end of 1m large. Therefore, new pheno I added. Side branches are sufficiently available, buds have very nice shape. No pest, genetics or disease problemes had. The buds themselves are at the end of a very compact and firm have been dried :) Caution when you grow and dry -> due to the dense flowers always provide adequate ventilation! With 0.9 grams/Watt, I was at the end but very happy! If you grow all that is true, from the climate to the nutrients, then throw the girls from good!
Had the Auto Cream on earth under 250W about 2 months. Grows very quickly and needs a tidy place, the yield is very very well. After 8 weeks was finished and looks of the Bud structure like an Indica. All in all, a quite good Strain, I'm going back in the Box it!

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