Auto Critical

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica/ruderalis
Genetics: Critical+ x Ruderalis
Flowering : 65 Days
Harvest: Medium
Height: Medium
THC: Medium
CBD: Medium
Autoflowering: Yes
5 fem
10 fem
20 fem
50 fem
500 fem
1000 fem
- +

Auto Critical is a vigorous plant, productive and with very intense flavour and smell. This classic, now autoflowering delights every grower, because of its high production and quality, big size plants and quick flowering. The new Ruderalis and Critical crossing is an autoflowering variety that begins blooming according to the age of the plant, rather than the light cycle. With a with thick, rounded leaves, good bud to leaf ratio. Under 18 hours of light, the stems and leaves are coated with resin. The female plants show hairs making sexing easy.
A fresh and sweet retro- flavor, and a clear `high` effect, combined with a excellent (indica) yield and lots of THC resin. Non-drowsy, alert high makes Auto Critical+ a particular favorite amongst the medical community. Proper drying and curing enhances its rich early flavour with sour-flower overtones.

Frodo Baggins
Vigorous grower
the perfect allrounder!
I love this strain.
using 18/6 cycle and 7 gallon bucket plant reached 3 foot other than that everything is correct
couch-lock type weed
pretty mould resistant
I was well impressed, and not just for the money.
The strain is is suitable even for beginners. The seeds are large, 100% of germination. It showed good results in 8-10 litres pots with 18/6 lighting cycle (HPS 250 on a half square meters). I felt spicy odor in flowering, if don't touch the plant the smell will be hardly noticeable. For commercial growers 8 weeks will be enough, but if you grow for yourself, increase flowering on 1 week, the harvest will surprise you by weight and quality. After 1 month of curing it's just a punch-drunk sledgehammer. I will purchase it again.

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