Auto Lemon Skunk

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica/ruderalis
Genetics: Lemon pheno Skunk#1 x The Original Lowryder
Flowering : 70 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Low
THC: High
CBD: Medium
Autoflowering: Yes
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Auto Lemon Skunk was developed using a lemon pheno Skunk#1 that weve been keeping as a clone mother for almost 15 years and the original Lowryder. Although Skunk#1 is the building block for plenty of modern stable hybrids, many find it to be quite variable in its phenotypes and the discovery of a lemon scented pheno was something to treasure.
Having grown it every season since 1994, the transition to creating an auto flowering version seemed obvious and so the initial F1 cross with Lowryder was made. 2 years and 6 generations later, we have something we are now very pleased with and we hope you like it too. Auto Lemon Skunk is one of our shorter varieties, rarely exceeding 14 inches tall and usually forming one central cola with minimal branching. Plants are very symmetrical (just look down from above) and have a good but not extreme coating of resin.
The high and aroma is the Auto Lemon Skunks strongpoint. The high is a balance between the speedy high of a sativa and the couch lock of an indica, a true all-day smoke and of course the aroma is that of over ripe lemons. The difficulty rating of 6/10 is because the Auto Lemon Skunk does not like having its roots restricted or to become dry, its slightly sensitive to over feeding and spider mites will choose this strain over almost any other. The best way around these issues would be to start seeds in 5litre pots or bigger, never allow the growing medium to get too dry, feed lightly and ensure high humidity during its early stages. Even so, a spider mite targeting insecticide may be required at some stage. A rewarding strain if you are prepared to look after it.

Gets me very stoned and relaxed.
Best for commercial but also for personal.
It will be wise to buy filter for growing in indoor, pretty strong smell. The smell after curing is
it shines by crystals and needs serious smell control
Van Hooligan
smells citrusy in flowering, very fruity tasting, smells fruity when you break open the buds
Van Hooligan
smells citrusy in flowering, very fruity tasting, smells fruity when you break open the buds
Nothing spectacular, but a very good low maintenance, early finishing outdoor plant.
Not a very stinky plant undisturbed, but rubbing the trim leaves produces an amazing citrus pinesol
One of the best autoflowers that I've tried! The plant is a such bushy and side branches rapidly grow. The trip, of course, not weak. In parallel were grown autoflowers from another spanish seed bank, those were of much lower quality. All grew up in the same conditions. If you are not who can be surprised by auloflowers, try this strain and you will like.

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