Auto Russian

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica/ruderalis
Genetics: White Russian x The Original Lowryder
Flowering : 60-65 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Low
THC: Medium
CBD: Medium
Autoflowering: Yes
5 fem
10 fem
20 fem
50 fem
500 fem
1000 fem
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White Russian is a favourite strain of growers around the world so it made perfect sense to give it the auto flowering treatment. One of the last of our original strains created with the original Lowryder to be released, Auto White Russian is an auto flowering cross of a Serious Seeds White Russian female with an original Lowryder. Like the Serious mother, the Auto White Russian will frost up most during the last few weeks of its life and 48 hours of darkness just prior to harvest will maximise this. One of our easiest strains to grow, she likes to be started from seed, directly into 5litre containers and will not punish you for a certain degree of neglect but don’t allow the growing medium to dry out too much. Reliably flowering from 14 days old she regularly grows up to 14” tall, sometimes slightly more with a good central cola and medium branching supporting good frosty nuggets.
The smoke can be slightly rough around the edges but that is a common observation with all of the white strains, the potency makes up for this and would be described as a balanced, all-day smoke.

The taste has been on the enjoyable side as well.
Phenotype very homogeneous, almost clones.
Easy to grow, needs little attention.
Grows fast and very symmetrically.
Pretty small main cola, but the thickness of the several side branches was amazing.
Its first time I grow this White Russian Auto and its started to flowering day 18 from seed. I start
Didn’t give it the best of conditions as I was expecting it to stay smaller and had to crowd it in
The only disadvantage of this strain is low yield. I think it is impossible to get more then 50gr in outdoor. However I grow it in the 3rd time and going further. Stable strain. Low, bushy, unpretentious to nutrients feeding and underfilling. Starts bloom in the end of the 2nd week, consistent with the stated time. Trichomes become silvery. In the flowering period there is strong smell of hashish. The taste of smoke is pure hashish too. It immediately tickles your nose on the exhalation. The force is 9 from 10. Despite that it is Indica, CBD is low and dont kill. Social, encourages communication. People in the know understand this strain from 1 toke!
All seeds are germinated. Good start, fleshy serious ladies. In August will tell you the details :)

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