Big Bud

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: indica
Genetics: Big Bud
Flowering : 50 - 65 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Low
THC: High
CBD: High
Autoflowering: No
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The name says it all! Big Bud is one of our most popular classic Award Winning cannabis strains due to it`s massive monster buds covered with fat, thick resin glands. Big Bud is a fast flowering Indica variety that stays compact and is easy to manicure making this an ideal variety for the indoor cash cropper. While growing Big Bud stays compact but will stretch if left unattended and can triple in size at the change of the light cycle. Moderate indoor growth and a high resistance to pests and mould make this variaty ideal for experienced growers and beginners alike. It performs well indoor in SOG technique using clones.
These gigantic buds have a deep green color, are extremely heavy and dense with a rich, sweet hash like aroma complimented by a sweet hashy flavor. Big Bud will knock you out with a long lasting body centered indica-type stone. The effects are sedative and stimulant, THC: 18-21%

bush like plant a lot of flowers
very nice strain for outdoor in north hemisphere
easy to grow with quite good harvest results
Very fast grower.
WOW! so amazing taste of strawberries, mango, kiwi on the exhale
Simply amazing trichome form for a indica dominant plant.
grown from feminised seeds in coco peat
Bulk Seeds lists the flowering period at 7-8 weeks. I would recommend letting it go the full 8 weeks
The strain is good. Grew it on th 48 n.l. Smell on the flowering period is very strong, if you grow at home then you need to seriously care about the odor that exude these dwarves. The harvest is small but of good quality. The effect is strong, emotional well-suited for camping. Price/quality ratio of this strain is good.

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