Bulk Early Skunk

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Early Pearl x Skunk
Flowering : 48 - 55 Days
Harvest: Medium
Height: Low
THC: Medium
CBD: High
Autoflowering: No

Noted for its fast flowering and quickness to be completed in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor grows. It has a certain appeal to those growers in colder climates with short seasons. The combination of Early Pearl with Skunk #1 means its will be completed in a 7 week flowering cycle. The density of the flower will rely on the darkness hours and is a plant to consider for darkening greenhouses or something similar. Plants that have reached their peak can be kept below 50cm if flowered as clones while larger plants can be achieved with a longer growth cycle.
Early Skunk shows unusual and unexpected hybrid vigour, resulting in record breaking yields of very resinous heavy buds that exude a sweet and intense aroma. It has something special about the flavor and taste of the flowers. Very strong stone, physical effect. Especially valuable for many medical applications.

Yellow Eyes
Very tolerable to some Screen of Green and stays strong as hell.
A very bushy plant that does not stretch tall.
attractive formed bud structure
Overall Early Skunk is a classic outdoor strain
This strain is unpretentious, easy to grow, forgives even obvious grower's mistakes. Very bushy, so feel free to crop excess branches. It will positively affects to yielding. Very easily cloned. Rapidly grows so better to reduce the growth period. During flowering period smell is very strong with chemical caustic tone, filter is required. The buds are big but not dense. Effect is immobilizing, turn you off from the world and space. I confirm the description of the strain. Summing up: the strain is not allocated by something special (color, aroma, taste) but it is easy to grow, harvest is large and the final stuff is strong enough.

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