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Gender: Feminized
Genes: mostly indica
Genetics: Afghan x Skunk x Northern Light
Flowering : 56 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Medium
THC: High
CBD: High
Autoflowering: No
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500 fem
1000 fem
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Although our collection demonstrates the richness in variety of strains and genetics, for any taste, any conditions, any parts of the world and for any level of fitness as a grower, you will find in Bulk Seeds a suitable for  you strain. But we didnt have such universal strain like ICE in our catalog. For crossing we have chosen the most tough, hardy and powerful genetics - Afghan, Skunk and Northern Light.

From Afghan, a landrace from the Mazari Sherif area of Afghanistan, ICE took short flowering, so you can get a high yield in a minimum terms. From Skunk ICE inherited a classic exterior features: compact size, which allows it to fit in the limited area a lot of plants, dark green thick leaves, good lateral branching, good calyx to leaf ratio that doesnt  allow for the spread of mold but helps fro easy manicuring. And from Northern Light  ICE got almost no smell, only a little notes of mint tea. Mature ICE is completely covered with drops of trichomes, in which THC content up to 23%. The effect in pleasant, waves of relaxation through the body and no adverse effects such as paranoia, dry eyes and tachycardia.

Miss Demeanour
Absolutely delicious and fully recommended. 1-2 phenos were flavorful, just like the out of the grey area, even almost better because aroma is so unique. Definitely happy again!
At the beginning I was not really happy with the weed but more often it smokes, so much the better, I think it is. Definitely recommended!
The effect and the taste are simply amazing! After two weeks of germination smell of the buds after a beery-fruity-musky mix with light incense undertones. After smoking, then again this extreme smell after it's been smoked in. If you did not know better you might think you're sitting in the Church the fall asleep!! The taste is slightly fruity but just with a distinctive incense note ;) And the effect is also very good over there. At the beginning, beautiful and relaxing to relax, but the more of this herb is consumed, the closer should the couch, because of this, you will only have to go to the toilet or to the fridge, tow when the munchies sooner or later strike. Appetizing properties. It also helps with sleep problems.This strain is again for me to be in the next few years... Puts you on a good movie, you can meet up with Ice and enjoy a nice relaxing evening ;)

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