Bulk Lemon Skunk

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Skunk
Flowering : 56 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Medium
THC: High
CBD: Medium
Autoflowering: No
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20 fem
50 fem
500 fem
1000 fem
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Lemon Skunk we can characterized as super potent strain with an unique citrus taste and flavor, which also highlights the name. It is a new Skunk legend in our catalog. The buds are compact and covered with dense sugar trichomes. Leaf to calyx ratio is high. Her musky lemon odor which is very pungent in smell you dont confuse with another. THC levels up to 20 %.
This medium sized plant perfect for guerrilla. Even in a very humid climate you dont need to take precautions for preventing mold. Side branching is substantial so you can train her or use SCROG (Screen of Green). In the northern hemisphere it is harvested in the end of September.
You will get upbeat feeling and will become more active, both socially and physically, good for smoking in large groups, on parties. Known as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant variety. Lemon Skunk is a commercial strain so it is good value for your money.

first test with Bulk Seeds..all 10 seeds are germinated, good.2 developed a indica type.short,compact plants. have a lot of leaves,but by the very well-developed lower instincts also very good yield.despite the many leaves,the buds are not so bitter,and so very good air circulation to allow.for an indica type very light green leaves.the weed smells of the living plant is sweet and earthy.strong high,but not couch lock too much.the sativa type developed 2 quite different models.type 1:very tall,thin stalk(better than cutting suitable)almost no large fan leaves.the buds are conical,as a reversed small roundabout.small seed pods.smell other living plant weak sweet,Oriental.dry a beautiful sandal tree smell.good up-lifting high.yield is rather low.type 2:medium height,with some snowwy buds medium.the special feature is the extremely sweet,almost sugar smell.extremely sticky,oily,like a nice wet pussy,haha.this type is for the unusual skunk fan is absolutely unique.the high of the very best strain.conclusion:the indica type is for the commercial grower.the second described sativa type for the unusual skunk fan.both the indica,as well as the sativa type have characteristic. fruity and fresh! In all respects well!
The Mix of two Sknks is really succeeded. The Skunk brings resin stocking, fine buds, smell. I had a pheno the even huge orange buds had. A really nice Strain.
I still have a couple of times a lemon skunk at the start had to time to look at how consistent this strain isin principle, however, were the results from the first grow is confirmed30% of the plants have the "white" pheno-type,which is quite short30% form the extremely strong sativa type(giant yield),the rest is medium,but also contributes to quite good quantities..whether original or not,you may as with so many strains to discuss.in any case, a great genetic, to its own seeds to create.

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