Auto Lowryder#2

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica/ruderalis
Genetics: Santa Maria x Lowryder
Flowering : 60 Days
Harvest: High
Height: Low
THC: Medium
CBD: Low
Autoflowering: Yes
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Bushy, very early flowering plants with prolific budding. The long-awaited successor to the Joint Doctors flagship strain is finally here. Lowryder #2 is the newest product of the breeders quest to improve the strength, yield and flavour of his original variety while maintaining the unusual characteristics that made it so popular. Lowryder #2 has been infused with superior Santa Maria genetics, a variety known for copious resin production, exotic taste and soaring highs, it is an indica / sativa hybrid originally from Brazil.
The cross was subsequently selectively inbred for three generations. The result is an auto-flowering dwarf that yields a wonderfully strong, head-turning smoke with intoxicating taste. The strength and flavor is backed by copious resin production and much-improved yield and stability. Buds are larger, tighter and more aromatic than the original Lowryder. As with Original Lowryder, no separate room or light cycle is needed to flower Lowryder #2. Outdoors, Lowryder #2 will mature quicker than any non-auto-flowering variety.

Very desireable plant.
this little bany was the best
The taste is strange, like curry
nice strain good producer and easy to grow
grew out nice and even filled out as expected
All now
Good, strong, genetically stable plant with a good crop of damn tasty bud.
I planted this strain in 53 northern latitude, early planting to quickly harvest. Spring was cold, the plants had a lot of stresses, several days the temp was -1. But all 10 plants survived! But because of the stress they grew up about 45-50cm. The strong is on 4 from 5. The smell without curing is earthy, but after 1 month the buds smell like dry wood, nice. Good responds to fertilizers so not overdo! The main advantage is survivability.

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