Super Skunk

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Gender: Feminized
Genes: mostly indica
Genetics: Skunk #1 x Afghanistan
Flowering : 45 - 50 Days
Harvest: Medium
Height: Low
THC: Medium
CBD: High
Autoflowering: No
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10 fem
20 fem
50 fem
500 fem
1000 fem
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Super Skunk is just that, a super strong and vigorous F-1 Hybrid of our best Skunk backcrossed with it`s true Afghani parents to produce a super hybrid especially for the skunk lovers. Super Skunk is fast growing, discrete and productive, so it makes it perfect for "guerilla" growing. It is really extremely fast flowering with thick stems and heavy branches loaded with super dense, fat, rounded buds with an extremely pungent, powerful skunk smell and yet has a pleasantly super sweet taste accompanied by a super strong physical body stone.
This Super Skunk has a larger volume and body than Skunk #1 and will deliver high yields of superior quality buds. In a therapeutic use of the Super Skunk it gives a relaxing effect thanks to its high CBD level. Proper drying and curing enhances its rich early flavour with flowery overtones. A pleasant smoke full of flavors and very odorous, beware of neighbors!

Space Jaws
I got 460 gr of dried buds from 1 bush which worked out at 0.73g/watt of light!
Truly an outstanding plant to grow.
Peter Lorre
sweet hashy odor
Some of the most awesome bud ever.
Try making hash out of it - you will be surprised about it.
Recommended for heavy pain issues.
fairly good for the quality/quantity ratio
Confirm, powerful strain. The smell is earthy, a little spicy, so rich, I don't understand all tones))) Force 5 from 5. It destroys inexperienced neophytes in one moment. I liked the taste. Of 10 seeds are germinated all. There were no problems in growing. Bravely endured all the stresses. The harvest is pleased. Very bushy. It drinks a lot and often. Buds are thick. Suitable for beginners like me))) It is grown for a couple of weeks longer than advises the seed bank, but under a microscope was all OK. Trihomes were amber but not too much. Great strain, I recommend. Grown on organics BioBizz.

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